001 – SNR WAX


Tropical North’s very own tastemaker SNR WAX is on selection duties for our very first episode.  He kicks things off nicely with an hour of high energy Afro-Disco Boogie and Electro-funk tracks on institutions such as Soundway, Soul Jazz, Mukatsuku Records, Cultures Of Soul, Crown Ruler and Rush Hour!


Full Track list

1. Ofege – Burning Jungle (Guynamukat Edit)
2. Ondeno – Mayolye (Afro Disco Monster Edit)
3. The Sivertone Steel Band – Steel Band Disco (Caribbean Feeing Edit)
4. Peter Abdul – Dont You Know
5. Danny Offia and The Friks – Funk With Me
6. Benis Cletin – Soul Fever
7.Christy Essien – You Cant Change a Man
8. Houn Pierre – Mansoun Djouwi (Guynamukat Re-Edit)
9. Mukat Edits 1 – We Like De Disco (Dirty Diggers re-edit)
10. Mukat Edits 5 – Funk Is what You Want
11. Hotline – Stay Close
12. Focus – Zulu EP ( HAY! HaY!)
13. The Hardworkers – Ayoba Yo
14. Christy Ogbah – advice
15. Harrari – Party


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